Our firm

Delivering returns that balance profit and purpose

Pinnacle International Capital is a global private equity firm specialising in real estate developments and buyout investments.

We work across the globe in developed and emerging markets and in a variety of sectors including industrials, energy, and real estate.

We deploy our capital towards investments that we hand-pick, creating proprietary investment opportunities based on our market view, extensive experience and deep industry knowledge. In addition, within the real estate team our strategy is to support a transition to core via sustainable value creation.

Our aim is to deliver value across countries, industries, and cultures.

Investing where innovation creates new opportunities

Each investment involves detailed analysis of potential growth areas, including a review of industry consolidation and any significant structural changes that may impact the sector. We select investments where innovation can bring new opportunities to disrupt traditional, mature industries.

Driving performance to secure sustainable returns

As well as seeking to secure sustainable returns, we want to make a positive impact on the communities we invest in through a clear focus on local job creation. Underpinning every decision we make is our clear understanding of where our investments can deliver significant value and improved performance.