Buyout investments

Value creation by investing in growth

We have a global investment strategy that is rooted in operational excellence and sector expertise. We seek opportunities with businesses well positioned to achieve considerable strategic improvement.

Innovation to drive performance

We focus on finding companies with underlying competitive advantages, such as operational excellence, unique brand qualities, and superior product characteristics. These are the essential building blocks of a strong market position.

We identify these opportunities through rigorous fundamental analysis to identify inflection points in industries and companies that are impacted by new technologies.

Responsive management partnership

Working with high-quality management teams, we build long-term value in companies by driving revenue and earnings growth. We focus on operational improvements, strategic repositioning, and market expansion, both domestically and internationally.

Keeping our approach flexible means we can respond to changing market conditions. We dynamically allocate capital and resources depending on the market environment and economic cycle across our target sectors.

Our goal is to work with companies that have the potential for robust improvement and value creation by investing in growth.

Exceptional industry and sector knowledge

We have an established team with vast investment expertise and knowledge. We access local businesses and communities to deliver a focused, bespoke approach for each sector.

Our teams originate proprietary investment opportunities within each market after conducting deep analysis of growth potential, industry consolidation or structural changes that impact the sector.

Commitment to sustainability

We are committed to the long-term success of our investments and strive to take an impactful position in the companies we invest in. We know that being a responsive owner means that our teams can provide better implementation of our performance-enhancing strategies that drive long-term value.

We do not designate a fixed exit date to our investments; as long as we can improve performance and drive incremental value, we strive to remain as impactful shareholders.